Cross Cultural Fusion

Pangaea Projekt is a blend of instruments and voices from around the world with electronic beats and soundscapes creating a tapestry of sound that is at once familiar, yet completely new.

The idea behind Pangaea Projekt – the brainchild of Composer/Producer Michael Crain – has been in his mind for years. The concept; what would music sound like if the continents had never separated? If you could drive to Africa or Russia or walk to Australia. How would that have influenced the sound and cross pollination of music?

From that idea sprung “Pangaea Projekt -Gaia’s Dream”. This music combines African, Native American, Middle Eastern and Latin percussion with acoustic guitars, piano, Flutes from Japan, Bali (West Indies), Europe and Native America, vocals and the latest synthesizer technology in to a cohesive whole.

The sound is a blend and uniting of all cultures. In one song you’ll hear a Balinese flute with acoustic guitar, Euro dance beats with African and Middle Eastern percussion and Brazilian vocals, Native American drums with the latest software synthesizer all blended together inside the computers and software at Crain’s “Sanctuary” studio.